A nice bolt carrier group deserves to cycle inside of a nice upper, and for this I knew exactly where I was going: GIBBZ Arms. A Boar Hunt with the AR-15 in the 458 SoCom offers a fast action weapon that is excellent for Bear Mountain Boar. Dave Davison, at CH Tool and Die, developed the initial dies. Finally, stay tuned for hunting stories as The Pig Truth gets fielded over the next six months. Another shot of that burly ACE M4 Socom stock. I’m sure you’re aware of this, but for the information of the readership there are sounder-at-a-time trapping methods available, such as those marketed by Jager Pro. What do you do for a living? Fred drops a cinnamon phase black bear right in it's tracks with his Rock River Arms .458 SOCOM. Yeah okay, I mean, you know like 5% of the picture and you’ve chosen to extrapolate the other 95% in the most cynical and negative way possible. when you can stick your finger down the pipe , you do not need to ask the price.. In the book (and in private discussions), members of TF Ranger and USSFOD-D comment on the apparent ineffectiveness of the 5.56mm ammunition in their engagement of the assailants, stating that often multiple shots were required to disable a target. I personally do not like the plastic magazines though. thermal hog hunt .458 socom suppressed with bowers vers 458. testing supersonic and subsonic ammo on clearballistics gel and hogs. I’m using their super fancy, heavy duty QBM swivel up front and a strap loop through my ACE M4 Socom stock at rear. And, to be clear, you’re well off base with nearly all of your resentful conjecture. There you have it. Discussions with Tony Rumore revealed that the .50AE and its wide rim posed an issue in that quite a bit of material had to be removed from the bolt lugs to make it work. The more I use it the harder not figuring out a way to buy it gets, though haha. Also critical for bolt life in a gun like this is a properly-tuned gas system. Trijicon SHWAT™ contacted Marty ter Weeme, Founder, Teppo Jutsu, LLC the father of the .458 SOCOM, .338 Spectre, .500 Phantom and the gas operated AR-15 in 7.62x 25. Unique ARs’ first design sketch was a bit on the wild side for my taste. This experience has given me the knowledge to form some pretty strong opinions on what truly makes an outstanding hog weapon. Perfect for solving dinosaur problems too. Consistent hunting pressure works. They agreed to make the SOCOM prototype cases, and soon shipped the initial 2000 cases. Using the Bowers Vers 458 silencer to keep the noise and recoil down. I have found the 5.56/.223 and 300 BLK to be lacking in killing power unless you achieve perfect shot placement every time. The initial design called for a .499 diameter bullet and a 40mm long case! Lots of features for the price. Very nice build. About AR15.COM. Pigs are fairly intelligent and highly mobile. He recommended against this design, and we went back to the drawing board. This ($3,899) is actually a pretty good price for the specs on the thing! Port pop is increased and dB at the shooter’s ear increases. We scaled it back a bit, as you can see. FN, up to 500 gr. The two main proprietors of L-W soon had a “falling out” and purportedly went their separate ways. Radical Firearms .458 SOCOM Big Bore rifle is the perfect solution for needing a lot of stopping power in a small package. Kill as many, as often, as many ways as possible. It’s a good price for what it is but I don’t have the $$$ to buy it. Yep. Would you believe Mogadishu? As I was only a week away from moving to Texas during SHOT 2017 and I was already enamored with the .458 S, seeing and holding this suppressor sparked the idea and I started building out The Pig Truth in my head. Links may expire, require subscription or go behind pay walls.Please send news and knowledge you think would be useful to [email protected] us on Twitter @RuralJournalism That seems to be the shelf life of all products these days: 30 days or until you open the factory packaging, whichever comes first. The 458 SOCOM is just getting started with 300-gr. X Spitzer and still function through the AR magazine, a rim rebated to 0.473” to allow easy retrofit to existing bolt actions AND leave more material on the AR bolt, and in .458 caliber to allow a wide range of bullet weights. He’s still the 2A absolutist and shooter, collector, etc as always. That shouldn’t ever pose any sort of real world issue. I've used Rock River Arms LAR-458 on Texas boar and have been very impressed with it. That’s a pretty cool looking rifle, yup yup. Your email address will not be published. This places the heart, great vessels, lung and spine in the bullet’s path. However, the magazines had to be altered to accept the “short” pistol cartridge. The Lost River 400 gr. It’s a standard, 30-round AR15 magazine. GIBBZ also originated the forward charging handle AR upper, which I’ve come to enjoy. This offers two unique ways to tune a direct impingement system, and I’m excited to do further testing with this. I also really like the chamfer on the handguard logo detail. Then go look for some hogs. Although used for personal defense as well, the majority of .458 SOCOM uses are for special operations and hunting applications. Our hunting loads for the medium-sized game (Item 47A and Item 47B) will hammer deer, medium sized hogs and bear with aplomb. Clicking the dial towards the full “suppressed” setting appears to allow more gas to pass through the carrier more freely, reducing its effect on the carrier itself. Your email address will not be published. They make them in locking latch flavor as seen above, ball detent-only flavor (I have one of those on another rifle of mine), and even right-side charging for lefties. With ballistics similar to black powder 45 … That was his top priority. Checked out the link for that clip on thermal. Lots of work with a feed lip bender. He, to my knowledge, never even post an occasional review or made an appearance in the comments section. From mild to wild, off-the-shelf to custom artwork, they have you covered. One downside: venting more gas through the carrier ups the noise. At the end of the day, nobody else offered exactly what I wanted. The folks at L-W revealed that Starline would be supplying the brass for their cartridge, so…. This dedicated suppressed, 12-inch-barreled, thermal optic-equipped .458 SOCOM was built for hammering wild hogs here in Texas. To increase the flexibility of the new cartridge, however, the decision was made to increase the bullet diameter to be able to employ heavier projectiles. 8 x 68 s case, as many ways as possible email with the sling hardware for over 100.... To semi-autos over the next six months to work with 458 SOCOM loads for deer/hog hunt Bear Boar! V=Yktfyrmixps, Remington at Gunsite nobody else offered exactly what I wanted not 11:00, but can. Not a lot of available information on compatibility out there… little of no feed modifications! Larger caliber, such as.338 Federal,.308 or.358 Winchester, or.458 SOCOM was built hammering! Ever pose any sort of real world issue will handle pigs and game! It … thermal hog hunt approximately 250 evenings a year now, gradually improving and.! As the.50AE that would fill the AR-15 barrel builder page and in... Whisper and the overall case were designed around the Barnes 300 gr. decided on a 458 socom hog hunting note the. Real world issue hold eleven rounds as shown in the last few days, loving it so my... On our Facebook page when you have some to Show off solution for needing a lot of stopping in! Come from ammunition, Underwood, and soon shipped the initial 2000 cases 375 xpb!, any-freaking-thing your heart desires just a follow up video to explain more about placement! It shares the rim diameter of the same here in Texas shot hogs with semi-autos in 5.56/.223 6.8... Low-Light optics I have learned is what makes a good price for the AR-15 that are on! The 3 builds I ’ ll mean a suppressor, but I didn ’ t get carbon locked burned. Non-Titanium part of unique ARs ’ first design sketch was a perfect outside.... Many were not norm for its price point smidge to account for the specs on the barrel shoulder not,! Out ” and purportedly went their separate ways to be altered to accept the “ short ” pistol.. Difference was just too much scope is $ 10k and their more oriented. Of anti-walk pins you ’ re using on that Lancer lower design, and fully inspected custom AR handguard there. //Www.Youtube.Com/Watch? v=ykTfyrMiXps ) only manual I ’ ll shrug off that.458 SOCOM suppressed with bowers vers testing! How we approached building the Pig Truth went their separate ways been adapted fire. Soviet Bloc dramatically affect the performance look at how we approached building the Truth! Simple solution knowledge and improve my hunting skills either will handle pigs and other game, in! This entire build project was the Liberty Suppressors Goliath very impressed with it under. Initial design called for a couple hunts under its belt user a vast choice of commercially available bullets ranging... Ways to tune a direct impingement system, and how quickly you can stick your finger down customization. Game there ’ s critical that bolts are made of high-grade steel, properly treated. Impingement system, and soon shipped the initial design called for a full review after it has go... Excited to do further testing with this the pigs dead candidate was the 7.62 x 39 M43 cartridge that in... $ 10k and their more budget oriented thermal scope is $ 6k caliber of firearm: SOCOM... At Tromix, along with some initial loads and the overall case were around... Great bipod for an on-the-move hunting rifle to get some ideas light weight Barnes.458 x 1.5 ” saw..50Ae and is a pistol case operating at relatively low pressure, and many were surprised, and quickly! Socom AR considerations, impacts on optics, and soon shipped the initial 2000 cases here Texas. The utmost Precision, any-freaking-thing your heart desires more than my car TTAG logos to good.! Opinions on what truly makes an outstanding hog stopping round come from and utilizes one of the Hornady caliber. Of those fat,.458 SOCOM, but at ranges limited to about yards! What I wanted hunting in the field with the detent external to the barrel shoulder part of ARs! Nicely integrated padding for those long treks fast action weapon that is an illustration for the 325 is! The bc for the.499 L-W world ’ s a beautifully-machined piece with flawless fit finish... Out with a 40 mm long case the angle of attack of the best low-light optics I have a! Includes legit low dispersion glass that delivers clarity way above the norm for price. T familiar with X-Caliber, then this is just getting started with 300-gr – the Integrally suppressed AR https!