Whatever you do, make sure that you are not needy, clingy, or desperate. I’ve known this female friend for 20 years. knw her since childhood, she was my sisterz best friend in primary school. What can I do moving forward to hopefully getting her to do this stuff again? One month or two months, whatever you guys decide but after that, she needs to make a decision. Me and my girlfriend have been together for 8 months and the moment I saw this girl for the first time my heart sank and I fall for her more and more everyday and and we are both in high school and go to different schools that are a few minutes away from each other and we have done so many incredible things together and every second I spend with her is the best moment and moments of my life. He needs a fix. She was done with me. If you are apart and send something sweet to her, this will be a reminder of how thoughtful you are and she will definitely miss you and think of you fondly. Now i am completely fine and right now i am the guy she loved me back then. When I ask her to stop talking to him.. She says she will stop in a gradual manner so that the guy does not get angry at her. While it is thoughtful to check in with her and respond to her calls and texts, you should not be glued to her. i go to lithuania again for a long time. How did you respond when she told you how she felt? And I am sure, the person who is missing right now will surely understand your struggle whole day; and will let you have a sound sleep in the night. I don’t deserve anyone cause of how I have been, I’ve been a freaking scrooge, but most of all I’ve been a jerk to you.. She wanted to split up to study (apparently). And it’s because of your love and support that I am going to meet this project deadline today. Some people are just not so romantic. So I matched with this amazing girl on tinder. Am I thinking too much into this? Even if it hurts, it will make them feel good to know that you miss them and this little boost of confidence can be enough to take them through the hard days ahead. I don’t know if I should keep telling her it’s ok she can spend time with her friends or tell her no we need to spend time together but look selfish. Hi, it’s really hard to tell if you can motivate him or not. But first was not like that we go through each others phone. I’ll text her once in a while but when we see each other at work it’s just so awkward now. You could recall something you all did together or something you thought of during your time apart. Hence, she got onto tinder just to meet new guys and see where things go. you said it, so now i have to say it. If you really like someone, there is nothing better than them asking you how much you miss them. Congratulations to Aha! I ended up deleting her on my social media, and I feel good about moving on, but I can’t help but feel that I might have overreacted. She said she was done. Why is it she never posts things about me or us unless I post about her or us or ask her when she is going to post something of me or us? Wow, after reading this list and the comments from a variety of boyfriends on here, I’m beginning to realize the guy I’m dating isn’t that interested in me after all…. How can i make her to tell me the reason why she lied to me? I’m not saying I’ll change cause that’s preposterous, I’m saying I’ve grown, had life altering realizations. as in the distance the only thing it works is the communication. Notice how your efforts, both little and small, can affect her to the point that she begins to feel and develop a strong attachment to you. The truth is she’s trying to just keep busy to keep her mind off of you. Either way, you want to make her miss you. Why would that even matter to her? She lives in a different part of the state now as we both go to different schools. She’s replying me late and that kind of stuff which i hate the most. However, the decision is yours, no one can really tell you what to do. she tires to change all she can, for me. Hi there Im really feeling hopeless i have given her everything but the way she is treating me its like Im worthless. Hi Please what do I do for her to miss me all the time? Time and situations changes everything. Which was really nice and made me happy, but I still didn’t get any casual surprise postcards or letters as I had asked (I told him before that any holiday cards and/or packages don’t count). I courted a beautiful girl this was last 2013-2014. From picnics to the movies to street fairs, there are so many wonderful outings that you can plan for her. One day we have an small argue and she said that she is going to quit insta and only be in calls and whatsapp. What should I do? 4. I also proved to her that the guy has someone else but she would not listen to me. It was tough. How to make her miss you? Perfect! I crave your presence more then any drug I’ve done or known to man. If she says she is busy now but is willing to find the time when both of you are free, it could just mean she really is busy. My ex and I were together for around 3 years but during that time i was in depression and i treated her very badly. When you try to treat her really well, she will be able to miss you more. At this point I was confused, either it could be a signal to not rush into things or to make a move. You’re moving right along, trying to put the pieces of your life back into place … and then he texts you. Cops involved and all. Either she is with you or with the other guy but you need to know where you stand. When you say goodnight and hang up the phone, she will go to bed with you on her mind because you have just talked to her. (Second one) she did realised that i am the guy she loves. I’m busy with work and grad school, but still make time for her 2-3 days a week. And thus, please be honest on your words. I asked her later on who she was talking to and she said it was her aunty. I miss you the same number of as my heart has pulsated since the first time I’ve begun to look all starry eyed at you”, “It cannot be calculated, How much I miss you,”, “How much I miss you, it has no shelter and no limit”, “I can’t able expressed in words, How much I miss you,”, “Memories are not defined in words, it is a matter of feeling”. She broke my heart !! She probably wants to hear that you've been thinking about her. You didn’t overreact. Gracias! She came to me yesterday, she gives me all of her, kiss me, laughs with me but DOES NOT WANT S*X WITH ME. We both messed up, but I realized all of the crap. I want it to work, I want to be a family. She misses you even if she’s not saying it. I truly love her. She said she need time so she can put herself together and she is very confuse herself. Let me get back to you after work! February 9, 2018 by Steve Horsmon 3 Comments. Why is it that I always have to ask my gf multiple and multiple times to do something before she does it? what are your thoughts about it? You do not necessarily need to spend a lot of money on dates in order to leave a good impression. Hell my dude friends and me say like "I havent seen you in forever man" … So if you feel that you want to respond on someone’s emotion, please do because right now is the right time! Anyway…we met up 13th jan 2018 and I was SO NERVOUS about meeting her. She has told me many times, she loves me and if she wanted to break-up with me she could have done that. It was all funny, she later told me she couldn’t believe how firm I was and that I was always clean shaven…blah, blah, blah…..I love this woman and want to spend the rest of her time on earth with her but am afraid to protect my heart I might have to drift away. So did she play the ‘ex’ card just to steer our relationship in a certain direction where she has time to think about us or to keep me in arms length because she isn’t entirely sure what she really wants at the moment? The lack of intimacy and her showing emotional support at this point is taking a toll on me, and I find myself always stressing about the uncertainty of our future. but she’s telling me that she loves me more than his boyfriend, she also said that if I can wait 2 years then she will leave the company and her boyfriend to be with me… Unfortunately she got married with someone else as I wasn’t settled yet. She did all that right before we broke up the first time. We went back to the hotel and made-out and all. I tried asking her if something keeps bothering her and she do tell some stuff and sometimes she doesnt,how can i get more close to her to show me I m reliable person and i am willing to do better to grant her happiness in every way possible.thank you in adavne for your help. If this person is an ex or weirdo stalker, you don’t have to be subtle about your feelings. She has invited me over a few times for dinner, then we’d go out for drinks and play darts. I made it clear that she can have all the space she needs. Is this the type of relationship you want? She didn’t care if I kissed her in front of people and now it’s the complete opposite , she has even stopped calling me “babes” which was the only thing she used to say to me when texting ,calling or talking in person when I asked about it she again “didn’t even realize it” ..a big one for me is I love you ..the i … Since then we have been talking normally with no awkwardness, although I have stopped giving her that much attention as I did before, like replying late and keeping myself busy but she would try to talk to me all the time and reply instantly. Reason #4: She’s Become Bored of You: A girlfriend may act cold and distant because you have become boring to her. Listen to her before you get into defensive mode and acknowledge what she's trying to say. It’s like we were perfect match for each other but we don’t have label as Bf/Gf because she’s not allowed to have boyfriend until she is graduate from a university. Something tells me I should’ve handled the situation better, but at the same time, I don’t deserve someone who’s constantly playing this game with me. Does she seem upset? She left Friday last week. It started when she told me when someone she knew felt that she was not genuine. She may want to keep her options open and date other guys too. The answer is yes. I was mad at first but got over it because women flake all the time. And I know how much I adore you as you understand me so well! Why, if you may ask! Seems like you have confidence problems. Although I’ve thought about her SO MANT times. She was keeping you close enough so if the new relationship would not go anywhere, she would still have you. Her mom is constantly in her ear and doesn’t make this easy. It’s a long story. What should I do ? What can I do on my part to help with her healing process and getting over some of the resentment she had for me? Definitely not loyal to her current boyfriend and she wasn’t loyal to you either. I went over to her place last weekend and she just wowed me. The past couple of weeks she has been spending alot of time with her friends. She even refused to quit talking to the guy. Once Monday, and twice Wednesday. So much that I don’t get to see her at all or talk to her much. You might not get a chance again to express your feelings. I am a very confident, but I want to give it a try. It caused lots of arguments every week. She will always have something to look forward to if you continuously treat her this way. suring the summer she’s in england and i have the opportunity to see her. I apologize in advance, it’s kind of long, but I tried to add the main points. Try your best to take advantage of your alone time. i will try to be short but clear if i can. it is weird when someone says i miss you too, how i look at that, it's just a comeback. You had a long day and want to sleep but suddenly you receive a message from your partner, “How much do you miss me?” Here are few responses to the same: “Well, as much as I want to respond to this message, I am too eager to meet you in my dreams and express the same emotion. Is she planning to breakup with me? Seems like she wants you to make more money, become a member of her church, and then marry her. 75% Upvoted. We have our son and are trying to figure out a plan together. How do I deal with these feelings/ insecurity? well, once arrived in lithuania she tried to kiss me 3 times during the day and i noticed it. I believe with all my heart that this break is all it is a break.. you’re probably thinking that if we were to fix things with us it would just go back to the arguing and fighting a few months later, I disagree. A girl who is really interested in you would not bring up her ex. I love her and want to be with her and be committed, but I’m running out of motivation to try and be with her again. Now this is little tricky! All you wish to do that time is tell them how much you missed them! Whether a few days or a week. Her guidance. Don’t forget to kiss her and hold her hand. Listen to her when she talks to you and be sure to pay attention. They are looking for a guy to get her married and I think she’s in conversation with one of them. You will almost feel like a drug or a candy that she craves because of how good you are to her. All the while you were only trying to love me and do your best…. Hi Tony, My girlfriend and I have been dating for three years. She lives about 3 hrs from me BUT, she has just legally got a divorce, papers done. Thank you for your time, Kate. So my girlfriend and I have been together for a little over 10 months now. We are both seeing counselors to improve ourselves. Do you want to continue the relationship as it is right now or do you want to walk away? we passed to “let’s talk about our lives” to “hi, how was our day? She is planning on getting the rest Saturday. Is this a new thing that she doesn’t want to visit you? You may also like our article: How To Tell If A Girl Likes You. (things that other people apart her family never gave to her. I enjoy hiking, sight-seeing, exploring new areas. Been in a long distance relationship for like two and half years. But that guy never wanted a relationship and was always insisting on how good we look together and all the laughs we share. The same night, my friend received a message from the same girl stating, “How much will you miss me?” And that’s it! Before we became a couple we knew each other for a year. Most of the time, I mean it when I write him back and tell him I miss him and love him too. We rekindled our friendship 3.5 years ago. Parents, especially fathers, are hard to crack! I bought her a car last Monday. I communicate Again to her, again she let me courted again I courted her 2 months and counting . I suspect she is charting another guy, so one night I picked her phone to find out whats going on, there I realized she is charting a guy about love. I have a self system to help guide me. You can even play your favorite board games if you think that it will be fun. Your email address will not be published. On the other hand she did also mention her ex who had bailed out on her and claims that she she might have a little feelings for him or maybe a little nostalgic but would not want to date him again because she didn’t love him, just a little curious to why he bailed out. You might end up feeling like the luckiest person on the planet Earth. Well, seems like she is not really serious with you if she has been talking to this other guy. I love calling her sometimes three times a day not until she tell me to reduce my calls.. I know she will be probably tired but Im starting to feel like shes losing interest in me. It may come out as being really needy. Even though I have never met her physically, we both felt so attracted to each other but eventually she loved her boyfriend more than me. But I can never make her smile when she is down, how come? Reply with an emoji: If it’s someone you respect and don’t want to hurt their feelings by not replying, you can just use an emoji to reply. What do I do? In the meanwhile, don’t text and call too often since she’s the one who wanted space. You do not want to neglect her. I later noticed shes been liein to me about her past, but despite that I accepted her that way. since she’s gained admission to university she’s bn acting strangely to me and i noticed shes bn seeing a guy their. She has a mother that is toxic in the case of giving her advice and how she is there. She says she has seen everything she needed in a man in me. BUT, she still stays in the same house with her ex and kids. There’s absolutely no excuse to the past but im owning up to all the blame. Will this relationship work, or should I disturb her for the sex or I should bear. Or should I end everything with her completely, I really care about her she does same but is her boyfriend that is the issue. I feel as though I have maybe pushed her away by being too much for her lately but at the same time I feel like I need to be with her because I don’t see her very much anymore and the distance may be driving us apart? Like, sleeping out with me against the sisters wish. You can also go dancing, attend a concert together, or you can even just have a romantic picnic at the park. Usually, when feelings are involved, it’s hard to stay friends. If you are too unavailable to her, then she might think that you are too busy for her. My fiancé has always ran away from her feelings and problems or anytime it got tough. That was just an excuse. I’m YOUR MAN. We were both studying while I courted but were on different universities . time goes, i love her, i care for her even in the distance and finally i get to meet her, she helps me with one of my traumas in my past relationship, which i told her (it was difficult as i really can’t stand dirty minded jokes and she were doing them really much. You have to have an honest conversation with her about your relationship. She was in a relationship with a guy for 3years. Thanks, I appreciate that. It’s healthy to have a little time apart in a relationship. Seems like she doesn’t take you seriously and she’s not committed to you. I was googling around and realized that I went on your website before, reading this exact same article, and that I send it to my boyfriend. The following month i decided to pay her a surprise visit and I she was happy to see me, though she did not allow me to access her cell phone. and couple of time i heard “the old me would break up with u straight away but there’s soemthing that is keeping me with you because i can’t wihtout you. It also goes without saying that you should always strive to be sweet to the woman that you care about. When she finds herself missing you, she can open up that box and go through the items that remind her of you. Maybe you can offer some advice on my situation? otherwise it becomes a comeback. When you tell her that you miss her too, you should be prepared for what she might want from you. We wish you well in your new opportunity. This last Friday she left after a disagreement about going to see her great grandma that is sick. the last time we talked was 8days ago. Sometimes she says she does not want my kind of person. A friend of mine works in a multinational company as a project manager. Few days later I then wrote her a letter about how I felt about the whole situation with us and how I regret being the way I was to her and pretty much emphasized how I still want to be with her and make it work, but understand if she’s wants to move on. Additionally, Luvze.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. We both did things wrong. hi Kate. She would join me in an around the world sailing trip, and road trips in South America. It’s not her mother.. it’s you! The brighter you make her life, the more she will miss your presence. It could either be just a little closure, something more intimate, or perhaps a reconciliation. she says (i don’t know if is an excuse) that she felt stupid and she didn’t know what to say and if she should be quiet because of my moods, she felt i was judging her way to think, which both of us know that is not mature enough for a high understanding of the situation, but i never judged her for her way of being. She said to me to do not contact her past friends, when i asked her why she said that she don’t like me having conversation with her old friends just because of her previous relationship. She tried again to convince her family to get us married but again they aren’t willing to do so. report. :  Please prepare your favorite coffee and grab your favorite bean bag and start chatting. That way you can also see if she starts missing you or she doesn’t care. Sorry for my English grammar. He has all the information he needs to prove himself (like this website), and nothing has come of it. But please I need an assistance. If your schedule and lifestyle has been keeping you apart from your girlfriend, a good way to respond when she says she misses you is by saying something like, “I really miss you too. When you make her feel special, she will really appreciate how much you listen and pay attention to her. The part that I do have a problem with are his actions… or lack thereof. However, she told me that her past relationships were not so pleasant and she is trying to get to the bottom of why they didn’t go down as planned. Don't be rude but don't exactly tell them you don't miss them. If you have a knack for words, then you can write her a short poem that she can hold onto. It’s different this time. So in 2017, my cousin hooked me up with her childhood friend that stays about 8 hours drive from where i stay. It makes you feel like you have to respond immediately or else just delay opening the message until you've got more time. I had been with my gf for almost a year. it's something just reply to, aww i missed you so much, or i missed you more. Well I have decided to ask you this tricky one. If she would have truly loved you, she would have dated you in the first place. Don't be inauthentic - you haven't been away from her long enough to "miss" her. We are both very confident and successful professionals, live lives on a plane. I just wanted to know that how i can make her more attracted to myself like never before. Take your crush, girlfriend, or wife on a bunch of great dates and give her plenty of wonderful experiences that she will remember. My fiancé and I have been together for almost 2 years. She is really struggling with this right now and she went through all the process of suffering thinking that our relationship might not be possible. I have that effect on people! Or Doing this every single day will give your girlfriend little time to miss you if you are already so available to her. I would be willing to have more and be with her to the end but she doesn’t want that with anyone, or at least not me. She knows how I feel thanks to a mutual friend, she says she loves me also but we are still just friends. Now it’s thursday, 4th of July and she is still telling me she is done. yeah i had tell her earlier…but she told me she will say face to face where she did but from that day she is not talking to me. what did you do today” and then silence… 7 Ways to Respond When Someone Shames You Research says that shaming is a power play. Play you cards right, you … After so many year I still love her even of what happen, Still I did not look to any other girl because I really love her and I want her back. I miss me too. My dilemma is that I know one way or the other that I will one day lose her. and is starting to hurt me…. She may start missing you more. At the same time, she doesn’t want to burn the bridge with you in case it doesn’t work out with the new guy. i don’t know if all this is the result of the distance, her lack of communication or my being sensitive… i don’t want to think this is the result of a unhealthy relationship because she really keeps trying to be with me even if it looks like i’m just a bother for her… and this is not the result i wanted in this relationship. maybe to cheer up each other. How do I get her back. There are so many ways that you can do this. I know that she loves me more than his boyfriend because of the attention and time she gave to be, and she’s very honest with me and loyal. On the one hand, it gives you time to anticipate that sweet, sweet moment when you can finally reunite. Is he having many other priorities other than you? So, I told her just focus on herself, and when you are ready come back to me. She mentioned one time that she wanted to push me down on the couch and lay on top of me to cuddle, of course this was the next day after I had left when she told me this. She ended taking the car seat out of my car and went to my moms to try and take him. Seems like she’s not really interested in you. 2. We moved in together and it lasted about 3-4 yrs. I tried talking to her and telling her that its just a crysis and that i had gone trought the same period in the beginning and we cant get through it but she refuses to let go of the past and keeps thinking of all out problems even though we hadnt argued seriously for months and it was all going ok. is how I used to respond to my girlfriend and just sounds weird to me to say that to a platonic friend. I am a little broken just now, but feeling ok even if she dumps me..(i’m just over 50 now ) What should I do ? I was sleeping during the time, so I called her the next day and we ended up meeting up. Neither do I intend to do the same in future!”, “Hi, I suppose you are messing with the wrong person!”, “Well, as much as I want to respond to this message, I am too eager to meet you in my dreams and express the same emotion. I asked her and she said i hadn’t really listened to her. woooow i really lent a lot form this and i have problems with my girlfriend i hope this is really gonnna help us. I feel my girlfriend who I want to marry is leaving me. I was suprised he said that my girl and him had been dating for alomst 2 and half months while I was in a different town. But due to her Christian belief she has always asked me to leave her house that we are not married yet. She first said that her id is been used by her brothers. If you are constantly rude to her or don’t show enough interest, then she might end up not missing you at all when you are not around. She says that since we’re not married we don’t have to spend time with eachother alot.