[1], As Ivan continued westward, a hurricane watch was issued for the ABC islands on September 8. [33] Ivan also caused over $20.5 billion (equivalent to $28 billion in 2019) in damages in the United States and $3 billion (equivalent to $4 billion in 2019) in the Caribbean. [17], In the Caribbean, 500,000 Jamaicans were told to evacuate from coastal areas,[18] but only 5,000 were reported to have moved to shelters. The causeway that carries U.S. Highway 90 across the northern part of the same bay was also heavily damaged. [3] The storm passed over Grenada on September 7, battering several of the Windward Islands. Cuba is bracing for the impact of a one-two punch from the Trump administration: stricter travel rules and an official warning about visiting the island. It killed 88 people in the … Waves estimated to be 71 feet (22 m) caused tremendous pressures below the surface, causing a landslide that obliterated the platform. [21] At one point, the media sparked fears of an "Atlantean" catastrophe if the hurricane were to make a direct strike on the city. In Colombia, rail telecommunications were interrupted near Santa Marta, and banana plantations in the area were believed to have suffered to some extent due to the storm's winds and rain. [22] The ship Balboa also sank in the George Town harbor as a result of the storm. It generated the most accumulated cyclone energy in a 24-hour period. [34] Extensive looting was reported. [61], More than $150 million was sent to Grenada in 2004 to aid reconstruction following Ivan, but the economic situation remains fragile. Hurricane Sandy has made landfall in Cuba bringing with it winds gusting at up to 175 kilometres per hour. Hurricane Irma hit parts of Cuba's northern coast as a Category 5 storm on Friday and Saturday One resident of Nuevitas said: 'The streets are full of rubble. It is one of only two Category 5 Atlantic hurricanes ever recorded in November, the other being Hurricane Iota in 2020. Moving southwestward towards the southern portion of the Caribbean, the storm reached hurricane strength on November 2 before a period of rapid intensification ensued. Due to an ongoing drought, effects of the rain are considered beneficial. Overall, FEMA paid 90% of the $735 million, while the AEMA paid for the other 10%. When Ivan first became a Category 3 hurricane on September 3 (6 p.m. UTC), it was centered near 10.2 degrees north from the equator. As the hurricane moved slowly through the eastern and southern Caribbean, the rough seas and strong winds disrupted shipping routes. [57] Ivan then moved into the Wheeling, West Virginia and Pittsburgh area, causing major flooding and gusty winds. 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[1], As it passed over the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana, Ivan caused the destruction of Taylor Energy's Mississippi Canyon 20-A production platform,[41] 550 ft (170 m) above 28 producing oil and gas wells drilled in water 479 ft (146 m) deep. But that may not be the case with Hurricane Matthew, which could be poised to pull a rare U-turn and hit Florida twice, wreaking even more havoc as the region tries to recover. [21], The storm devastated the Cayman Islands, especially Cayman Brac which was inundated by the storm surge, which was reported to be as high as 10 m (33 ft). Cuba is no stranger to hurricanes, but 2008 was a particularly savage season, with major impacts on its prized western tobacco regions. On September 7, the hurricane warning in effect for several countries was downgraded to a tropical storm warning. The National Hurricane Center said that the rapid strengthening of Ivan on September 5 was unprecedented at such a low latitude in the Atlantic basin. Hurricane Betsy was an intense and destructive tropical cyclone that brought widespread damage to areas of Florida and the central United States Gulf Coast in September 1965. The region's Caribbean Development Bank estimates Ivan caused over $3 billion ($4.1 billion in 2019) damage on island nations, mostly in the Cayman Islands, Grenada, and Jamaica. BELOW: Hurricane Betsy (1965) made landfall in Key Largo as a Category 3 hurricane. "Shelters on the Gulf Coast fill up as Dennis strengthens", "Fla. Keys evacuate after Ivan pummels Caribbean, kills 1", "Twenty-seventh Session, RA IV Hurricane Committee: Final Report", Macro Socio-Economic Assessment of the Damage and Losses Caused by Hurricane Paloma, United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, "Caribbean: Hurricane Ivan Information Bulletin", Costliest U.S. tropical cyclones tables update, "Grenada: Direct Relief's programme activities update Jun 2006", "Twenty-Seventh Session RA IV Hurricane Committee", "Barbados: Hurricane Ivan housing recovery project winding-up", "U.S. [16] Providencia Island just off of Colombia sustained significant agricultural damage and the loss of 36 homes. The island, in the words of a Caribbean disaster official, suffered "total devastation." In addition, $50 million of which was for disaster and famine assistance funds Grenada, Jamaica, and Haiti. [5] Although the S.S. Phemius would later return safely to port in Cuba,[1] reports that the ship had lost its smokestack and the relaying of an SOS message prompted the United Fruit Company liner Tela to search for the initially missing ship, which failed due to poor visibility conditions. Barely six months since then, the work to recover may have to start over again. A tropical storm warning was issued for Saint Vincent and Grenadines and Tobago and Grenada. Hurricane Irma hit parts of Cuba's northern coast as a Category 5 storm on Friday and Saturday One resident of Nuevitas said: 'The streets are full of rubble. As it continued westward across the northern Gulf of Mexico, the system reorganized and again took on tropical characteristics on September 22. Only one other storm, however, has made a loop and hit the same state twice — Hurricane Gordon in 1994 made landfall in Florida, first as a tropical storm and second as a depression. Tropical storm made landfall in Cuba with maximum sustained winds of 100km/h and was headed for southern Florida. Thirty-two more deaths in the United States were indirectly attributed to Ivan. Eta hit Cuba even as searchers in Guatemala were still digging for people believed buried by a massive, rain-fueled landslide. In 2005, Hurricane Ophelia—which attained “hurricane phase” three times—completed a loop off the Southeastern coastal states, eventually clipping Cape Fear and North Carolina’s Outer Banks region before heading Northeast toward the Atlantic. Later that day, the remnant low of Ivan drifted off the U.S. mid-Atlantic coast into the Atlantic Ocean, and the low-pressure disturbance continued to dump rain on the United States. In addition, the SBA issued nearly 3,000 applications for low-interest loans to homeowners, renters, landlords, businesses, and non-profit organizations. [12] The latter record would not be surpassed until Hurricane Matthew in 2016, which reached Category 5 intensity at 13.4 degrees north. [40], Even though Ivan did not make landfall on Cuban soil, its storm surge caused localized flooding on Santiago de Cuba and Granma, on the southern part of the island. Further inland, Ivan caused major flooding, bringing the Chattahoochee River near Atlanta and many other rivers and streams to levels at or near 100-year records. [12] Finally, at midnight (UTC) on September 9 while centered at 13.7 degrees north, Ivan became the most southerly Category 5 hurricane on record in the Atlantic basin. [17], With the hurricane threatening Jamaica, Pan American World Airways cancelled its flights servicing Kingston, Jamaica. [3] Concurrently as the storm was gradually intensifying, the tropical cyclone began to take an unusual course towards the southwest. [29] The Letter from the Cayman Islands Government Office in the United Kingdom, 8 October 2004 by McKeeva Bush, Leader of Government Business details the intensity, extent of damage, and recovery process during the months that followed. Three major hurricanes hit Cuba that year, starting with Gustav, which struck as a Category 4 storm on August 30. [3], Steadily strengthening, the hurricane reached Category 2 status on November 3. However, during the same period of time both the steamer Tacira and the freighter San Simeon were disabled after encountering the storm, requiring towing to safety. The storm's strong winds, storm surge, and rain devasta… Cape Cruz recorded wind gusts of 148 mph (239 km/h), although stronger winds could have occurred there. 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