The Old West name list is populated with hundreds of names from the 1850's through the 1890's. ... AKA Pat Garrett American Old West Lawman. One of the prime stipulations regarding old west bounty hunters is that their names were never recorded. Thomas Tate Tobin Tracker & Bounty Hunter. Henry McCarty, is better known as Billy The Kid. Gambling was a very popular profession among outlaws in the Old West. Old West bounty hunter Mickey Free was born in Mexico and spent his childhood in Arizona Territory, but at the age of 12 he was kidnapped by the Pinal Apache. List of Old West Names. Retired Old West gunslinger William Munny reluctantly takes on one last job, with the help of his old partner Ned Logan and a young man, The "Schofield Kid." As the west became increasingly more populated, gambling became more dangerous and society began to view it as an illicit activity. The Wild West is an icon era in American History. Believed to have committed 17 killings as a hired gunman throughout the West. The US military tried to recover him, but they went after the wrong Apache group and sparked the Chiricahua Wars. Though as the books and The Movies went on he evolved from bounty hunter to a mercenary, or even an odd-job man. "Josh Randall (Steve McQueen) was a man of few words. Tom Horn Jr. was a scout, cowboy, soldier, range detective, and Pinkerton agent in the 19th-century American Old West. Man-Hunters of the Old West, Volume 2, Robert K. DeArment, University of Oklahoma Press, Cloth, $29.95, Non-fiction. He was the first black deputy U.S. marshal west of the Mississippi River.He worked mostly in Arkansas and the Oklahoma Territory. The role of Josh Randall in Wanted: Dead or Alive in the 1950s made Steve McQueen a star. ... With the help of a German bounty hunter, a freed slave sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner. Here are the top 10 real-life deadly gunslingers from the wild west era. ... a 21 year old man that had recently escaped from prison for the supposed murder of 21 men. Vampire Hunter D is a sort of the old west-style bounty hunter - albeit of a very specific type of quarry. Historically, gamblers came from lots of different backgrounds and for a while, gambling was considered a reputable career. Much to movie and TV viewers' delight, popular lore glorifies the Old West bounty hunter. Another common element in westerns is the character of the menacing bounty hunter.Clint Eastwood played several in his career, from For a Few Dollars More to Unforgiven.Henry Fonda played one in The Tin Star.The character of Rooster Cogburn in True Grit is also a bounty hunter. Bass Reeves (July 1838 – January 12, 1910) was an American law enforcement officer. During his long career, he had on his record more than 3,000 arrests of dangerous criminals, and shot and killed 14 of them in alleged self-defense. Photos, Notes, Bibliography, Index.Eight men are featured here, most we’ve never heard of, but all were straight- shooting defenders of justice who were Old West bounty … While the actual period is generally considered as starting earlier, the most thorough available list of names is of Civil War veterans. The Governor offered a $500 reward for Billy the Kid’s capture. BOUNTY HUNTER. Real Name: Unrevealed Identity/Class: Human (Old West era) Occupation: Bounty hunter Affiliations: Niles May-Berry, Jeff Packard, Rawhide Kid Enemies: Fargo, Nightriders (formerly) Jeff Packard, Rawhide Kid Known Relatives: None Aliases: None Base of Operations: Mobile in late 19th century, last seen in Emancipation, Wyoming That would be close to $12,000 today. There's other bounty hunters in the canon, but they're usually of the sadistic type. A bounty hunter by trade, he tracked his prey all over the West.