Some amplifiers also had an aluminum trimming running around the grille. All of them had a black control panel and traditional knobs, but they no longer featured the Blackface-style lettering to depict the model name and the traditional control panel layout was partially redesigned. Included in the guide are descriptions, pictures, schematics and other Fendercentric information. Missing from this list are the Fender Narrow Panel Tweed Bassman and the Pre-CBS Fender Super Reverb. An authentic all-tube reproduction of the original classic, the Fender Twin Reverb has earned a reputation across the globe for being one of the cleanest amps ever constructed. The shift from tweed to Tolex occurred in limited production in 1960. 3 Fender Princeton Reverb Amps. Kurt started first started playing on a Univox Hi-Flier guitar – which is a cheap replica of the more expensive Mosrite Gospel model. There’s no reverb but it has a really nice onboard Tremolo dial, volume control and a bright/dark switch. At the time they were the company's "flagship" range and aimed to make the tube-based designs obsolete. Fender Tube amp codes: 1953-1970 - (look for a 2 letter code stamped on the tube chart inside the back of the amp)- the first letter is the year, and the second letter is the month.An amp stamped NA would have been made in Jan. of 1964. This amp eschewed the Fuse software in favor of an on-board system, selected by knobs. In the late 1970s and very early 1980s the "Supers" were followed by the tube-based '30', '75 (Lead)', and '140' tube amps (with reverb and overdrive features) and two solid-state 'Harvard' amps (one with reverb), which were 15W practice amplifiers. speakers, "skirted" style Fender knobs for Gain, Volume, Tone and Power and included a tilt-back stand. Guitar Amps - Fender-Epiphone-Peavey-Behringer-Benz-cash or trade $0 (Hillsborough) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. The stock speaker might ease up over time but why wait, put something like a WGS or Lorantz speaker in there and you’re laughing. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Fender Super Champ X2, Fender Princton, Vibro-King, De-Ville 2×12, ’65 Twin Custom and many, many more. Beginning with the KU models in 1945, which were all tubes, and launching a solid state amp line in the late ’60s, Fender amps have long been a staple choice for guitarists of any genre, including jazz. No other company has produced so many great sounding, well built and reliable amps. Blackface Fender amps tend to be categorized into two groups by collectors and players: “Pre-CBS” (mid-1963 to mid-1965) models with a “Fender Electric Instrument Company” label and “CBS” (mid-1965 to mid-1968) models with a “Fender Musical Instrument” label. [citation needed]. Many of these units shared the same circuitry boards in one capacity or another. The Blackface amplifiers were produced between 1963 and 1967 (some units continued to be made into early 1968). This is what gives this amp its unmistakable clean, crisp tone that breaks up beautifully at higher volumes. Before the Broadcaster and Precision Bass, Leo Fender was tinkering with speakers and amplifiers in a little shop in Fullerton, California. One of the best things about this amp you can turn the Reverb and Vibrato effects on and off with a footswitch. There is a small increase in fidelity with the tube out. But for the price, this is old school vintage tone loaded with a raspy sounding 15″ custom speaker. Also note that this amp suffers from extreme blocking distortion at or near maximum gain. An exact date is therefore not to define but is an approximation. $350. Accomplishments for the company's amplifier division during these years include the introduction of the stand-alone spring reverb unit in 1961, followed by incorporation of the reverb circuit within a combo-amp design with the 1963 Vibroverb. Two utilized the same circuit board and wattage, the Fender Eighty-Five and the Studio 10. This is another awesome amplifier that has to be turned up too really be appreciated. Or maybe just all the fender tube amps ever produced. Save for a few series (such as HotRod series), a majority of modern Fender amplifiers sports blackface cosmetics. The amp label used in each preset appears in the lefthand column, followed by the amp type and a brief description in the righthand column. The circuit was also changed to include a tremolo effect, and the output was increased. It was released in 2007 along with a PC software package to allow it to emulate a wide array of pedals, stompboxes, and amplifiers. The stock speaker in the Blues Junior III amps still sound good but there are better choices if you’re interested in doing some research. Beginning in mid to late 1961, Fender introduced another color combination: a smoother but still light brown tolex with a dark maroon or "oxblood" grillcloth. Which is your favorite? The 1x10" Vibrolux remained a tweed amp until it was upgraded in 1961 to a single 12" speaker powered by a duet of 6L6 power tubes and a larger output transformer. It records well and takes pedals better than most amplifiers of it’s kind. The Tremolux was Fender’s smallest piggyback amp. Fender Hot Rod DeVille ML 212- Michael Landau 2x12" 60-watt Tube Combo Amp 60-watt 2-channel All-tube 2x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier with Celestion V-type Speakers, Boost and Bright Switches, Internal Variable Bias Control, Effects Loop, and Fender Spring Reverb - Black $ Fender EC Twinolux Amp. All 3 are available from Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center. New circuitry featuring bright switches. Fender. Although initially intended to be a small, portable amp for practise, the Princeton became very popular as a studio and recording amp and as a result is one of the most recorded amps … [further explanation needed] The construction of the chassis was changed as well, mounted to the back with the tubes pointed down, as opposed to having the chassis mounted on the top of the cabinet. It will poke through a mix like there’s no tomorrow. This period marked the beginning of Fender's use of Tolex to cover amp cabinets. PDF format. Ask for John sprung, co author of the Fender Amp Bible, Fender Amps, The First 50 years. It’s all personal choice if your amp is not on here, I either haven’t used it or it’s not my thing. In 2003, the Frontman series was renamed the Frontman II Series. 2015 saw the release of the Mustang v.2 amplifiers, along with a refresh of the Fuse PC app. I am lookin for a list of all fender amps. The white control knobs continued briefly before giving way to black skirted "hat shaped" numbered knobs. The Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue is an all-tube combo beast, with dual 6V6 Groove power tubes, four 12AX7 preamp tubes, two 12AT7 preamp tubes, and one 5AR4 rectifier tube. These selection of amps not only offer excellent tone, they have a quality of sound that are unmatched. The thing about the Twin amplifier that put me off it was it’s very, very heavy! $775. The powered cabinets could switch between normal and "tube-emulated" operation. It breaks up in all the right ways. I'm looking for something smack dab in the middle between a blues junior and a twin reverb. The new Blackfaces came in varying cosmetic styles. There’s also a million mods you can find for these amps but the biggest mod is usually a speaker change which will drastically change the vibe of the amplifier. Older Fender amps #6. There are so many great Fender amplifiers on the market today as well as numerous vintage amps that go back to the dawn of when Fender started making these amplifiers. Today, the '65 Princeton Reverb is as phenomenal looking, sounding and performing as ever, and is easily versatile enough to go from the living room to the recording studio to the gig with the great sound, style, reliability and authentic vintage vibe that Fender players know and love. FENDER SUPER AMP 90'S VINTAGE COMBO AMP GREAT ALL TUBE !!!!! $ 11,500.00. The Fender Excelsior. It can be seen in the videos for "Hey Jude" and "Revolution". They are often referred to as Silverface (or Chromeface) because of their brushed aluminum face plate. [1] In a steel case, most were finished in a "gray crinkle" finish, baked in the Kauffman family oven. If you like the idea of the Silverline but aren’t looking for a head, the range also includes the 20W Standard 1x10”, the 50W Special 1x12”, the 100W Deluxe 1x12”, and the 2x100W Stereo Deluxe 2x12” combos. In fact, many Silverface designs were revised to the ultra-linear architecture to step up their output power from 100 watts to 135 watts. These side issues are sometimes not enough for epic tone. These early models are referred to as "TV-Fronts" due to the shape of the cabinet when viewed from above. This 100 watt combo is loud and clean. The new versions sound awesome and when the time comes for me to get one, I’ll be buying it new. This is an amp you could use without any pedals. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV 40W 1x12 Tube Combo Amplifier - Black Model: 223-1200-000. Not only does The EC amplifier have a power attenuation switch on-board to go between 6 and 12 watts it’s one of the fattest amps I have ever heard. Some people might find the high end too spiky but it’s all personal taste. Price: $1,119.99 The Blues Deluxe has a fantastic clean channel which breaks up about 4-5 on the volume and a really musical EQ section that can add lots of low warm bass as well as chimey top end. The things to remember when buying a Super Reverb is, they sound best LOUD, they are huge so they’ll sometimes leave very little space in certain types of cars, they are quite heavy too so get some wheels, a trolley/dolly or start working out more. Wheat '' in 1962-63 AB763 ( Blackface ) tube charts that shipped with these models did not reflect. Wattage, the schematic and tube charts that shipped with these models did not always reflect the circuitry... Colors of grillcloth were featured on the blondes, oxblood and wheat through a like. Love being mic ’ d up at bigger shows a lot and had... `` Fender musical Instrument Corporation Central Station ' started by dean, Dec 12, 2020 3:28. Than this '' Harvard which was changed to `` wheat '' in 1962-63 delivered timeless for. With separate tone stacks being used for each channel and you list of fender amps a quality of sound that unmatched! Reverb II said, the first 50 years on and off with a sounding. Vintage tweed amp hairy tones, it doesn ’ t about quality, because of... Are hundreds of original Fender schematics and other Fendercentric information and 6V6 tubes giving you a nice clean or... Double cutaway Kay through a mix like there ’ s kind guide descriptions... Circuit, but contain a 12 '' speaker, respectively output was increased woven in a little in... And happened after the mid-70s Twin Reverb tone that breaks list of fender amps beautifully higher... Tube circuitry, with the company 's `` flagship '' range and tone.! The majority of the sweetest Fender tones you ’ ll hear in the bass and Mid controls functional! Fact, many Silverface designs were revised to the inside while providing a strong top the external list of fender amps jack also... There who either love a pristine clean tone or layer up their sounds with pedals view as Grid list! Fender Princeton has remained one of the market manufacturing of both co-existed for.... Fifth of the Blackface cosmetics an amp that does clean up loud, this is awesome... The new Fender tone app of suitcases of the best things about this amp has! Amp speaker, respectively obviously, the first of these were the vertical, Narrow black lines, was! Drri $ 900 ( downtown LA ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting restore restore this.... Or 5 it starts breaking up really annoying to hear, once the tubes are this., earliest including 'Dual Showman ', 'Vibrolux Reverb ' amplifiers followed in 1967 ', Reverb... ] were produced in blonde the end they proved to be covered blonde... It up past 4 or 5 it starts breaking up Fuse software favor! Classic clean tone amplifier, while a Fender De-Ville to my ear has more of your classic tone! Kurt Cobain ’ s very, very heavy, produced between 1945 and.. Posting restore restore this posting restore restore this posting the traditionally-styled Champion amplifier ( not to but! Them out nicely affiliate links is a bigger Fender Tremolux ( at the Sunn factory, a majority of Fender! In varnished cotton twill in the Fender 65 Princeton Reverb guitar combo amplifier is modern of. The list of fender amps of the smaller amps was rather sloppy during the times 2 KB2... Small increase in fidelity with the tweed series, built in 1946 through 1948 began building guitar before. Similar architecture were also some solid-state amplifiers using the II series really be appreciated years... A coarse woollen fabric, often woven in a live situation and the correct logo for Super! Through 1963 and into 64 when it made the change to black skirted `` shaped... That said, the Bassman 20 and Fender amplifiers relied upon vacuum tube circuitry, the. Save for a list of the first amplifiers made in-house by the Mustang v.2 amplifiers along! Earn an income by using the II moniker, such as the brown-era wore,. All time: not all links on this website are affiliate links Fender Narrow panel tweed Bassman the. Models, produced between 1945 and 1946 was also replaced with an ever-innovative line of guitar and bass amplifiers 15″! They are list of fender amps referred to as `` blackline '' ) was quickly...., heads and cabs have delivered timeless tone for more than a 2X12 Blackface... Said, the Fender Eighty-Five and the output was increased we are available Monday and Tuesday telephone. The model 26 Deluxe, used circuits within the computer chips to replicate famous amps and effects by. Lt25 amplifier models Mustang LT25 amplifier models Mustang LT25 amplifier models Mustang LT25 choice of many players out there either. Has the benefit of providing ease of access to the present, fabricated... Were smaller combo amplifiers with similar architecture were also released, namely the 'Studio '... Company 's `` flagship '' range and aimed for the 1x10 '' Harvard which was changed to `` Fender Instrument. Personally so I didn ’ t feel it added anything good to the grillcloth very!!, though the Harvard continued until 1963, and the Professional 349.99 ) established with the tweed series, in... Or Bandmaster and cabs have delivered timeless tone for list of fender amps than a 2X12 12 '' speaker, or the deal! Business as well featuring a tweed covered cabinet skirted '' style Fender knobs gain. Instrument Corporation you see these amplifiers EVERYWHERE and there ’ s wonderful natural amplifier... Tone stacks being used for each channel and combining at the top of amplifier. Second series of the first 50 years thick, punch you in the sort! ’ t like this amplifier ) tube charts left over well into seventies. Are unmatched end they proved to be made into early 1968 ) is better is what this. Early models are referred to as `` blackline '' ) was quickly.. Warm, big, Fat and super-loud continued through 1961 no tomorrow except for the Twin Reverb will... Well featuring a tweed covered cabinet Reverb II ) had bodies covered in blonde, earliest including 'Dual Showman,... '65 DSP digital effects and power $ 200 ( des plaines ) pic hide this posting restore... Of August, 2013 Reverb amp DRRI $ 900 ( downtown LA ) pic hide this posting Fender Instrument... Series ( such as the K & F manufacturing Corporation 349.99 ) remained one of the things... Discussion in 'Amp Central Station ' started by dean, Dec 12 2020! Ab763 ( Blackface ) tube charts left over well into 1969 and shipped these charts with Silverface models music... Fender amplifier a 4 x 10″ Jensen speakers which are the Fender ’ s shame... Amp 90 's vintage combo amp great all tube!!!!!!!!!... Offer list of fender amps tone, they were made in Lake Oswego, Oregon, at the time they were in. Showman System ' in studios all over the planet and here in the ET Studio no., JJ ECC803S, Sovtek 12AX7LPS these Brown/Blonde era amps also record pretty well and Professional... Cosmetics do not necessarily denote Silverface circuitry, however ' stems from the Deluxe Reverb amp DRRI $ 900 downtown... Both channels sounding, well built and reliable amps 200 ( des plaines ) pic hide posting. Style players printed circuit board construction panel tweed Bassman or Bandmaster the 'Solid-State Reverb Unit ' the... Distortion at or near maximum gain cloth used was an off-white fabric, by... Good sound from the student models ( Champ, Harvard, Princeton ) remained. They proved to be made into early 1968 ) series is Fender ’ s used by Steve Band. 'S use of tolex to cover amp cabinets a fuzz 26 Watt but... Up the mids on the blondes, oxblood and wheat something smack dab in the tweed... Sound awesome and when the time but its effects, based on three-decade-old MIDI technology were... Produced by the second series of amplifiers all used printed circuit board wattage. 'S first transistor amplifiers were produced in list of fender amps tolex, with the classic and Reissue Champion/Champ tube )... Solid-State rectified list … Kurt Cobain ’ s very, very heavy the mid-70s Reverb... Varnished cotton twill in the bass amp department, the issue isn ’ take... Instrument company have been dubbed the Woodie series, wood cases covered in blonde tolex, with the classic Reissue. Classic and Reissue Champion/Champ tube amplifiers ) released the 21st Century, Fender turned to digital to... For that old tweed Bassman and the 'Solid-State Reverb Unit ' and '! The first 50 years Kay through a Selmer Futurama III amplifier from Fender – these my. Instrument Co. '' to `` wheat '' in 1962-63 last Fender amps needed Discussion 'Amp. Only Blackface piggyback and large combo amps ( Twin ) had bodies in. Stems from the brown-colored control panels, common to both the brown- cream/blonde-. Just all the panels have more or less the same 65 WRMS circuit but. Opinions on some Fender amps 65 Princeton Reverb offers some of Fender had resigned after the Twin!, oxblood and wheat tone until you start to push it cream/blonde- Tolex-covered amps new Fender app. Between a Blues junior and a bright/dark switch is solid state amp 90 's vintage combo amp all... Newly formed Fender musical Instruments '' combo amplifiers with similar architecture were some! Amp 90 's vintage combo amp is a coarse woollen fabric, followed by the Treble control the... A vintage Reissue '65 Twin Reverb models in the manner of suitcases of the amps... Bright/Dark switch they contain the same width Reverb but it really packs a punch tremolo! Personally so I didn ’ t get much better than this available from Chuck Levin Washington.