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5 Ideas For Kitchen Remodels That Will Last A Long Time

5 Ideas For Kitchen Remodels That Will Last A Long Time

Aside from functionality, the most crucial aspect to consider while looking for kitchen remodeling ideas is the durability of your investment. Every age seems to have its own cooking dos and don’ts, many of which do not survive a decade.


In addition to being a budgetary disaster, this is also a major letdown. So how can you invest in a kitchen that will seem as wonderful in the future as it does today? Choose timeless elegance and disregard current fashions, regardless of their popularity.


Here are a few pointers for achieving a kitchen remodel that will endure the test of time:

1#: Prioritize white appliances

In professional kitchens, stainless steel has been popular for some time and has become a classic. There is an argument to be made that stainless steel will never go out of style, and it is certainly simple to keep looking excellent. Historically, however, stainless has not been the norm.


White has withstood the test of time the best, and this is by a wide margin. White is the most favored hue for kitchens, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Survey. Every other year, it has also topped the list.


This information is truly beneficial to homeowners. Stainless steel appliances are significantly more expensive than white, so you can afford a superior range and refrigerator in this ultra-classic hue than you could in stainless steel.

2#: Consider flooring durability over the long haul

There are a number of gorgeous vinyl alternatives, which have existed for a very long time. Vinyl, however, has a restricted lifespan, and it’s not particularly long. You’ll be delighted if you consider durability in addition to aesthetics.


Wood will likely never go out of style, and it’s more pleasant underfoot than the other rival, tile. It can be stained and polished and will still be attractive decades from today, even if it is subjected to extreme wear. If a tile becomes chipped, it must be replaced.


Even when the wood is brand new, MSN Lifestyle recommends it for its sense of history. It can serve as a room’s anchor in a way that few other materials can.

3#: Avoid granite countertops

As is the case with stainless steel, granite is currently enjoying a golden age. However, if you consider granite’s aesthetic qualities, you’ll realize how quickly this expensive, albeit gorgeous, the material can become old. Marble may be a better and more enduring option.


The majority of granite has vivid hues and patterns. However, will you still want to live with them after 15 years? Maybe, but maybe not. Moreover, this is a costly wager.


Consider Carrara marble if you want a traditional countertop. This stone is vastly dissimilar to Calacatta marble, which features brilliant whites and dramatic gray veining. Carrara marble contains lighter grays and gentler whites, so avoiding the appearance of a bold fashion statement. It is just as ageless as granite, but it is less expensive. It stains, but so does granite, and sealants prevent this.

#4: Storage, storage, storage

The simple, clean lines of Shaker-style cabinets make them a popular choice for a variety of interior design styles, from urban minimalism to homey rustic. They are a relatively safe bet for the majority of homes. However, storage is more crucial than aesthetics.


There are numerous creative methods to furnish a kitchen, ranging from open shelving and freestanding cabinetry to traditional built-ins, that are shown in interior design magazines and on the Internet. Built-ins with an abundance of functional storage space should prevail.


Look for intelligent storage, such as pull-out organizers that optimize every inch of space, in lieu of traditional boxy cabinets with nothing but hollows and shelves inside. There is no need for a lazy Susan in the corner if the cabinets are accessible without one.

5#: Pay attention to the specifics

Choose quality over looks regardless of what you are purchasing. It is the attention to detail that will make any kitchen appear attractive in the future.


Examine the seams on your faucet and the craftsmanship on your cabinetry. Do they have flaws, or are they flawless? You will appreciate this as you utilize these fixtures on a daily basis and strive for perfection in both. There is the possibility of separation where there is a flaw.


It is tempting to select a fixture that is visually appealing yet poorly constructed. Sadly, these decisions are rarely long-lasting. Therefore, invest in quality where it matters most by spending a little extra.


According to This Old House, a kitchen redesign is one of the most expensive projects you can undertake, but also one of the best in terms of return on investment. You can significantly increase your home’s worth and your quality of life by focusing on timeless rather than the current design.