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When a family hires us to develop another story for their house or extensions, we plan and build comprehensive home remodeling throughout the house. Many of our clients hire us to remodel their homes altogether.

Second-Floor Builders to Add a Level

In add-a-level projects, we remove the roof and build the second floor of the new second-story addition from the ground up, including all additional bedrooms and bathrooms. We then remodel much, if not all, of the current building’s first level. The outdated kitchen and bathrooms were completely rebuilt with new materials. Many existing interior walls are removed to create an open floor design.

Kitchen Expansions/Renovations

One of our most popular home remodeling packages includes a kitchen enlargement or makeover. If you add a level, most of the packages we price include designing an open floor plan. The first level has been opened as the bedrooms have been relocated upstairs. The homeowners’ first impression of the open floor is incorrect, but now that some of the surrounding walls have been removed, you can build a larger kitchen.

House Additions

A popular option for homeowners is to build an addition onto the side or back of their home. You can create a large family room by enlarging your kitchen. The kitchen’s back wall can be removed to make room for a large center island and a much larger kitchen floor plan. Every year, we complete a large number of kitchen remodeling projects. Probably more than the average kitchen remodeling company that focuses on kitchen cabinetry.

Bathroom Remodeling

As a home remodeling specialist, we renovate or expand 2-3 bathrooms for every project. In most adding-a-level projects, the current first-floor bathroom is refurbished to become either a new full or 1/2 bath combination for the first floor, with one regular bathroom and one main bathroom suite. We can build your bathroom exactly how you want it with the help of our bathroom remodeling system. We coordinate all material purchases, patterns, and fixture types to ensure homeowners get exactly what they want.


When a house is renovated, a new roofing system is installed. Only the best materials, including your new 30-year roofing shingle, are used. Two of them are the most popular shingle varieties. The customer makes all final decisions, whether to use the most common three-tab roofing shingles or the more unusual dimensional ones.


The siding used to finish the exterior of your New Jersey home should be weather-resistant, and only the best exterior building materials should be used. As a Bergen County contractor serving all of New Jersey, we’ve noticed that homeowners prefer a combination of a few different exterior finish materials. Although numerous other exterior finishes are available, vinyl siding is a popular choice among homeowners.

Vinyl siding applications have evolved. When used in conjunction with siding, vinyl goods and accessories can add incredible detail to a property. Because of the vinyl accessories, vinyl cedar impressions, and possibly highlighting a small section with ornamental stone, your vinyl-sided home may stand out from the others on the block.


The installation of windows as part of a house remodeling project is commonplace. If you fit existing ones, you can precisely match your current window with a vinyl, wood, or aluminum framed window. Installing energy-efficient windows is a top priority. New energy-efficient windows not only increase the value of your home but also allow you to save money on energy. In most home remodeling projects, we will remove all of the old windows and replace them with more oversized, more energy-efficient, low-E, high-performance windows.


Any home improvement project should include new exterior doors. Doors, like new windows, are energy-efficient and built to increase the value of your home while saving you money. A large number of sliding or french door units can dramatically improve the exterior design of your home. For the front of your house, there are numerous door styles to choose from. With everything from double-wide units to units with sidelights on one or both sides of the door, your property can have the curb appeal it once lacked.

Stone Accents for Construction

The addition of a synthetic stone veneer to your property can improve the appearance of the front of your home. The best part is that you don’t have to travel far. A portion of the front can be covered in stone to create a lovely curb appeal accent. Many types of stone and colors can complement the exterior of your home, whether you are facing the front foundation, entry door area, or even the front living room wall.


While designing their renovation project, homeowners should constantly consider what type of flooring should be installed throughout the property. Oak is the most popular type of hardwood flooring among homeowners. Hardwood flooring is highly durable. You can leave it unfinished or stain it to your liking. We remove the first-floor hardwood when we build and add a level and home extension packages. Because the first-floor walls were demolished, there are shards of the ruined walls all over the place. It would be pointless to repair the flooring. Consider installing tile flooring in specific areas, such as the kitchen, entryways, and bathrooms.

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